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When Should My Child Start Seeing an Eye Doctor?

Pediatric eye care is a branch of medicine that focuses on assessing and managing vision problems in children. It's not just about treating eye diseases or prescribing glasses.

How Comprehensive Eye Exams Differ From School Vision Screenings

Vision examinations are a critical aspect of maintaining ocular health. These tests are not only designed to evaluate the quality of your vision, but they also serve as a preventative measure against potential eye diseases and complications.

Most Effective Dry Eye Treatment Methods

When your eyes do not produce adequate tears or the tears evaporate too rapidly, you have dry eye. This may result in dryness, burning, a gritty feeling in the eyes, blurred vision, light sensitivity, and tired eyes. 

Common Eye Emergencies and How to Respond

The American Academy of Ophthalmology confirms that many people go through eye emergencies. The cases may involve injuries to the eyes or the surrounding tissues.

What Are ALTIUS Specialty Contact Lenses? 

Contact lenses continue to enjoy sustained popularity worldwide. They have helped many, including athletes playing various sports.

How Do Neurolenses Help Eye Misalignment?

Regular migraines or vision disorders may affect your general health and life satisfaction. Experiencing the effects of these eyesight issues while undertaking your day-to-day tasks could become a big challenge.

How Do Specialty Contacts Differ From Traditional Contacts?

Everyone would like to have clear vision. But what happens when your eyesight becomes blurry due to disease, trauma, or other reasons? That is where specialty contacts can be handy. They are ideal for people who cannot wear regular contacts. They work by refining the eye's surface and providing clearer vision.

How Often Do I Need an Eye Exam?

When should you have your eyes checked? Even if your vision is perfect and you don't require glasses, it's still important to have regular eye exams. It is an effective way to maintain your eyes healthy and gain insight into your overall health. Eye exams can detect underlying health conditions by examining internal structures. They help detect eye conditions early, before symptoms appear, which is crucial for effective treatment.

Symptoms of Eye Misalignment

Misaligned eyes are a vision problem where the eyes do not face the same direction simultaneously. While one eye focuses on the item of interest, the other may turn inward, outward, upward, or downward. Also called strabismus, crossed eyes, or wall eye, misaligned eyes can make reading and doing other activities difficult. Performing your daily activities should be easier if your eyes work in perfect harmony. But that is not the case for many whose eyes do not work together as well as they could.

Dry Eyes vs. Seasonal Allergies

Eye discomfort is a common condition among many Americans. Some experience it during particular seasons, while others experience them all year round. If you have eye discomfort and no discharge from your eyes, do you have dry eye or seasonal allergies? It is a common question that most people would like to have an answer to.

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